Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What do you do with 1 kid?

My mom with Mark & Dax and their cousin, Abby.
My mom is an awesome grandma. She asked me earlier this summer if Mark and Dax could come and stay with her for a few days all by themselves. Just a little mini vacation for them at grandma's house. Of course I agreed, and off they went yesterday to grandma's. So then I sat here and stared at Seth and wondered what I used to do with just one child. It's hard to remember those days of just having Mark around. I remember crying the first few weeks when Randy went back to work because I wasn't going and what was I going to do with myself all day. But Mark and I made it.

So Seth is going to be getting a lot of attention from mom and dad for the next few days, if we can remember how to give 100% of our attention to a child. We're so used to dividing our attention. I think Seth will have the hardest time without his brothers to play with, but I'm hoping he'll learn a few new things like how to say some words and not throw a fit if you don't get your way. I'm also planning on getting some things done around the house that I never do because I am chasing three boys around--a little scrapbooking, some organizing of closets, and maybe I'll even take a nap when Seth does.

My mom threw Mark and Dax their own little birthday parties!

My dad and mom took us out to eat on Seth's birthday!
Grandma & Grandpa with all their grandkids, except Raymond who was just born.
Seth is not happy!
Side Note: After I wrote this post, I thought about how Randy's mom was an awesome grandma, too. She always made the grandkids feel special and she made sure to spend time with each one of them. I remember very few times when she wasn't playing cards with one of the grandkids. My boys never knew Grandma Ockey, but they will someday. I'm grateful for Grandma Ockey and how she raised my husband and all she taught me in the few years that I knew her.


  1. Mom is pretty awesome. I am glad your boys got to spend time picking raspberries.

  2. Only one kid...I can only imagine! I bet Seth loves the attention.


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