Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Dax loves this game--dance on the side until they
 call your name and then jump in!
Swimming lessons will end tomorrow and I am actually sad. For the last few years, swimming lessons have involved tears, sitting on the side, or dragging our feet over to the pool. But this year was different. For some reason, Mark and Dax have become much more comfortable in the water. They went down some big slides at the Lehi Pool which almost gave me a heart attack--not because the slides were scary but because they actually did it. Mark especially would have never considered something like that before. So swimming lessons have been amazing.

Mark and Dax are both jumping all the way into the water. They are starting to actually learn a few things about swimming, including floating on their back (even though Randy thinks that is the dumbest thing to learn). Today Mark actually pushed off the wall today and attempted to swim. I am so impressed with all the progress they have made this year. It makes me sad that I didn't sign them up for the next session, but there's always next year. We already have a few pool trips planned so that we can keep up that happy swimming attitude.

Mark floating.

That's Mark? What?

Mark swimming for the wall.

I just loved his face in this one.

Dax floating.

Dax only had one other person in his class and she is his cousin!

We LOVE swimming!

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  1. Sooo proud of them!!! And Randy's just mad because he can't float, right?! (Oh, wait! That's my husband!)


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