Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dax's Baptism

Dad and Dax had to be there 45 minutes early because there were 11 baptisms going on at the same time as ours! 
Saturday was a big day for us. We had a double baptism. It all started Friday when the cousins started showing up. We had the Ferlans and Pooles staying at our house Friday night, and the boys were so excited. All week they planned out where everyone would sleep and what they'd do. After school, the cousins finally started to arrive. Our boys love to play with the cousins and they jumped on the trampoline, played super-hero, and did about a million other things. Mom made tacos and guacamole for dinner because it was Cinco de Mayo, but a few of the Pooles were feeling sick, unfortunately. Mom also made pies so she could donate one to the ward auction, which we missed.

Friday night Mark and Dax were excited to share the top bunk while Josh had the bottom. The Ferlans all crammed in the toy room, and the Pooles holed up downstairs. The next day we missed all three of the boys' soccer games for the baptisms. First, we went to our Stake Center and had Dax's baptism. Almost all of the family was there, and Dax was really good about greeting everyone and thanking them for coming. Dax was so excited to be baptized, and it was a beautiful baptism. The Spirit was definitely felt. Afterward, we took a few pictures, but we had to hurry because we needed to be to Melanie's Stake Center for Alice's baptism.
Dax and Dad before the baptism.
This is the crowd that came to Dax's baptism minus Sandy, Carl, Nate, and Korianne who took off quickly!
I love this family picture! 
We were so glad that Grandma Betty was able to come down. 
Grandma and Grandpa Daniels wanted their own pic with Dax.
Dad got to baptize Alice, too, which made it a really special day for him. This baptism was just as beautiful as Dax's. They were both very different, as each stake handles baptisms different, but they were both wonderful. Alice and Dax's birthday are just two weeks apart, and so 8 years ago they shared their blessing day, too. Here's a comparison picture to see how they have grown!
Randy got to baptize both of these kids. It was a great day! 
They are all beautiful and handsome.
Alice & Dax at 2 months old for their blessing day.
8 years later, Dax & Alice got baptized on the same day!
After the two baptisms, we went to the Webbs' house for lunch. We had sandwiches and good company and then headed home. The kids all wanted to go to the park in the afternoon, but the moms kept saying no because it looked like it was going to rain. Finally after two hours of begging, the moms took the kids to the park, and only then did the rainclouds roll up in a hurry and start pouring. They got good and wet running home, but everyone was laughing when they came in out of the rain.

We said goodbye to the Ferlans that night, but the Pooles stayed until Sunday, because Josh had gotten sick, and they didn't want him to have to do the long car ride. The boys were sad that Josh stayed holed up in the room, but we still had fun (and more pie).

On Sunday morning, we got up early and went to Dad's niece Kiyna's baby blessing. It was held in a tiny little chapel in downtown Salt Lake. We were sad that we didn't get to do any hiking adventuring, or even soccer this week, but it was great to be with so much family.

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  1. What a special weekend! Beautiful pictures!


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