Monday, May 29, 2017

End of the Year Programs....and Stuff

Each of the boys had an end of the year program. We kicked off with Seth's end of the year preschool program. I love this program because it's so cute, and it is so short. It's just perfect for the kids and their families. Seth knew the songs very well, and performed amazingly. His teacher, Miss Tina, told me that Seth had said he was "so nervous" at school. I thought that was funny because he is always performing at our house! Seth is looking forward to preschool with Miss Tina next year.
Seth is so fun to watch perform. 
Seth was one of the flag bearers at the beginning of the program.
Tooty Ta is always a fun song at the preschool program.
Seth is such a great son.
We are so glad that we found Miss Tina!
Dax had a dance festival the last week of school. He was dancing to a 1940s song, and the teachers asked that they dress to match that decade. Luckily, we were able to borrow some items, and despite Dax's major fit before school, he looked very dashing in his suspenders. Dax knew his dance well, and did great in his performance. My favorite part was how he was looking for me at the beginning of the dance, and then when he finally found me, a big smile spread on his face. It made me happy to see him so glad to see me.
Dax is trying to spot Seth and me in the crowd.
He looked adorable, but don't tell him!
Dax was a great 1940s dancer.
This is his Michael Jordan pose at the end of the dance. 
At the end of the Dance Festival, the teachers always perform a song. It is the kids' favorite part of the festival, and the teachers' song was from the '80s. So everyone was dressed in their best '80s clothes, and the principal came out with his boombox just like John Cusack does in the movie, Say Anything (which I have never seen, but I've seen the clip of him doing that a million times). Well, Seth thought that was the funniest thing, and he loves Mr. Rencher, so when we got home, he went right into his room to recreate the moment. I laughed so hard, and had to send a picture to the principal. Mr. Rencher said that it made his day!
Mr. Rencher as John Cusack.
Seth as Mr. Rencher as John Cusack.
Mark participated in the Highland Music show this year. The theme was Stomp!, so every grade level performed different songs that involved a strong rhythmic beat. The 4th grade did the "cup game" where you pass cups in a circle (at least, that's what we called it growing up). They did a fabulous job. It was fun to watch the whole class because Seth and Mom have been in the classroom a lot and grown to love them as much as Dad and Mark do. Luckily, Dad saved them an awesome seat in the front row! For a special number, a little girl in Dad's class named Jackie played her ukulele. She rocked it, and Dad teases Mark mercilessly about Jackie. It's a constant joke in our house, so I am including a picture for memories' sake.
Jackie with her ukulele. 
Mark wouldn't look at me for a picture!
He was a great singer, but loved the cup action the most. 
It is a bittersweet ending to this school year for Dad and Mark.

I helped at Field Day again this year, and was glad that I got to watch Dax race in the 50 yard dash.  He ended up winning for his class! We are so proud of Dax for having the determination to race so hard. Also, I loved that his class was cheering so much for him! You can see him burst from behind in the video below. Seth and Dax also had fun playing in the bubble balls. Seth could barely move in them, but Dax was flipping all over.
Dax loves the Bubble Balls at Field Day! 
I could hardly capture pictures of him. He was moving so fast! 
Seth loves being part of the school. He loves his big brothers so much!
The last end of year event was Mark earning his Arrow of Light. We are so proud of Mark and how hard he has worked in Cub Scouts. We are mostly proud because of the things that his leaders share with us about Mark: that he is a great example, a wonderful helper, is kind to the other cub scouts, and that he takes the time to involve the leaders' little children who are there. We are proud of him for developing those characteristics which definitely reflect a lot of the Arrow of Light values.
The Cub Master tells what each color of feather represents.
Mark wrote them down when we got home because he wanted to remember. 
Mark added each feather on to his arrow through the ceremony. 
We are so proud of Mark.

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  1. Oh, my gosh! I have so much to say about this post. Seth is adorable! And I LOVED that picture of him imitating Mr Rencher!!! Dax looks so great! Totally dapper. Great job to Mark learning the cup song. Super tricky! And congratulations to him on earning his Arrow of Light!


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