Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Spring Soccer

Spring soccer has been very exciting, and very frustrating. When we got the schedules for all three boys, we immediately started to compare them. It seemed that every weekend had at least one overlap, and many had two. For example, last week, Mark played in Highland at 11:30, Seth played in Lehi at 12:00, and Dax played in Alpine at 12:30. This made it impossible for us to see all our boys play. In fact, because Dad goes to all Seth's game to coach them, Mom drives the other boys, and she only got to go to one of Seth's games all year! That has been the frustrating part of soccer.

The boys have been really good, though. Mark scores 2-3 goals every week, and his team has only lost or tied a game or two. Mark's best moment was on what we've started calling a "classic Mark goal." He pushed the ball all the way out to the right around the defenders, turned, and chipped it in the back corner. This particular shot had to be 30 yards from the goal! He sailed it up over the goalie and right into the back corner of net. Mark is a great leader on his soccer team, and it's fun to see him celebrate his team even when he doesn't score that game.
Mark has great control of the ball. 
Mark can take the ball down the field, and then dish it off to someone else to score. 
I captured this shot when he was right in front of me! I love the other boy's reaction!
We have been so grateful that Mark has had the same awesome coach for several years now.
Seth usually scores 2-3 goals per week, and his team has only lost one game. Before one game, we were all splitting up and Seth assured everyone he would score a goal for them. In the car he said, "Dad, I promised everyone a goal, so that's 4 goals I need to score." He went right ahead and scored the four goals. Best of all, he kicked one ball right in front of the net and his little friend, a girl who hasn't ever scored before kicked it into the wide-open goal. We were really proud of Seth for that assist, and his friend's smile was totally worth it. Mom really missed watching Seth play this year, but was glad she could make it to one game!
Seth was number 5! 
Seth was one of the best dribblers on his team! 
Seth loved having his Dad as coach!
Dax usually scores a goal, but he always plays goalie in the second half. He is the best goalie in his division, because he is fearless, and he can really clear the ball out of the goal. Last week, he took over at goalie and his team was behind 5-0 at halftime (Dax played defense in the first half, so he didn't score.) During the second half, he stopped every shot on goal including a one-on-one against a huge kid that had scored 4 times. Dax rushed him and then dove and got a foot on the shot just in time to send it wide of the goal. His coach was really excited! Mom gets a little nervous when Dax plays goalie, but he always does an amazing job. Dax also had a hat trick in one game!
Dax was the only one I got a picture of before soccer started.
Dax plays well on offense and defense.
Look how focused Dax is at goalie. And Mark is standing by to offer advice!
Dax has a great drop kick, which is one of the reasons he is an awesome goalie.
All of our boys have really excelled at soccer, and we love going to the games. But we aren't sorry that soccer season is over!

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