Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dax's Birthday

Dax turned 8 this year! It was a big birthday! His birthday started a few days early when Grandma and Grandpa Daniels stopped by with some presents. Then we took him out to eat at Buca di Beppo since he loves spaghetti and meatballs. We had sort of a rough time with the worst waiter ever, but we tried to think happy thoughts and have fun anyway. Dax did get a whole cake for his birthday that he willingly shared with his family, so at least that was nice!
Dax asked for maple syrup, and was so happy when Grandma and Grandpa Daniels obliged. 
They also got him a watch that he loves and wears everywhere.
Dax loves his Grandma and Grandpa.
Dax always takes these huge breaths. Watch the video below!
He loves to blow out the candles. 
He is getting so old! I can't believe it sometimes!
A rare family photo at a restaurant!
His actual birthday was on a Monday, so we started the day with the breakfast that he requested: boiled eggs and bacon. Interesting choice. Mom also found a huge watermelon balloon that she knew Dax would love, and he did. Then we all hopped on our bikes and pedaled off to school. Dax had requested that we ride bikes to school on his birthday, so Seth and I happily rode along. It is a long ways (almost 1.5 miles), so Seth didn't have the energy to ride home with Dax at the end of the day. Instead, we followed him home in the car while Dax sped down the road on his bike.
The watermelon balloon is almost as big as Dax.
Dax riding his bike to school.
Here is Dax coming home. I love that he has a Spring Birthday. It makes for beautiful pictures.
Dax had a great day at school, too. He handed out Hershey Bars for his birthday treat. Seth and I met Dax at school for lunch and took him his favorite junior hamburger and fries from Wendy's.
Seth loves going to eat with Dax in the school cafeteria. Mom just plugs her ears!
Dax asked for chicken noodle soup for dinner, and strawberry shortcake for his cake. Then we opened presents up before heading to Mark's baseball game. Dax got his own scriptures, some new books, new binoculars, and some scouting stuff. Dax was a fabulous gift receiver and made everyone feel like their present was the very best. Dax has a kind heart and loves to make things for others. He is very smart and can do super hard math problems in his head. Dax loves to sing, especially Onward Christian Soldiers, and he is getting very good at the piano. He loves everything basketball and is a great shooter. We are so glad Dax is our middle child.
Dax got lots of presents.
He read all the cards and was so kind about all of his gifts.
Dax was most excited for his own set of scriptures complete with a basketball case.
Dax told me that next year he wants another set of binoculars.
We love Dax so much! 

A few weeks after Dax's birthday, we had a party with some of his friends. He planned the whole thing and wrote it all out on a paper for Mom to make it easier on her. He wanted to play basketball, eat pizza, and have strawberry shortcake again. Very simple, but fun! Everything went well, and we are glad that Dad is so good at playing with kids. 
Dad was showing how he can dunk it!
Dax wanted to play speed the whole time. He was even happy when he got out.
Brian, Tristan, Dax, Mark, Seth, Cole, Adam, Noah, and Liam
Dax loves basketball!
Dad is so good. He gets right out there and teaches while he plays with the kids!

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