Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mother's Day

I sure love my boys!
It was a perfect Mother's Day! The boys really spoiled me this year. I am so lucky to have such wonderful boys.
Randy home before church was a nice Mother's Day gift.
Mother's Day began a few days early when I went to a special Mother's Day brunch at Seth's preschool. All of the moms come, and the kids treat us like princesses, at least that is what Seth told me. He got all dressed up, held my hand, and led me to the table. We enjoyed a few snacks, and he gave me a beautiful bracelet that he'd made. Seth also made me a card, and a special little whiteboard to write messages on. Then, Seth bussed our table, and we took a picture together. The brunch ended with the kids singing us a song, and then presenting their moms with a flower as they told us something they loved about us. It was adorable, and I loved every second of our special time together.
Seth definitely treated me like a princess.
He looked so handsome in his little suit. 
Seth is a great performer.  
He was so sweet and gave me a flower, and lots of kisses.
Seth and I get lots of special time.
On Mother's Day, Randy let me sleep in as long as I wanted. Once I was up, the boys couldn't wait any longer to give me their presents. So we all gathered in the living room, and Dax went first. Dax insisted that I had to wear my robe to open presents. He had made some bath salts at school for me, and a special card. The card's robe matched my robe exactly. He also made the bath salts purple, which is my favorite color!
It's a perfect match!
Mark wrote me a cute little poem and note. He even made the poem rhyme. Randy gave me a new wallet, and the movie Rogue One, and some beautiful roses that look like fire!
Mark is always thoughtful. 
But the best present was what was inside the wallet. All of the boys had written some coupons for me. I loved seeing their ideas on how to give me gifts through service, and also all of Randy's disclaimers that were written on the back of the coupons. They will be something I treasure for always.
I love the new wallet, but the coupons are precious.
Randy is hilarious. He will be so happy that I said that.
We had a a lovely rest of the day. We went to church, and Randy got to sit with us, which is really special these days. We took a nap, had a wonderful dinner of ribs, and then we took a drive out to Fairfield. Mark and Randy had spotted a baby owl with it's mom on their field trip a week ago, so they wanted to show me especially. They know how much I love baby animals. The baby was sitting up nicely in the nest, and mom was sitting in the tree nearby. It was perfect.
Mom and baby together. This is the best one despite the wire in the way.
The baby Great Horned Owl is adorable.
Mom was very protective. 
We also saw a beautiful American Goldfinch.
All day long the boys made sure I had everything I need, they did the dishes, and they said nice things to me. I felt like a pretty lucky lady!

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