Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day in Pleasant View

We love the tradition of gathering our families together and remember those who went before us. This year we kicked off the Memorial Day weekend by meeting with the Maycock clan at the Ben Lomond Cemetery. We talked about Joseph Richard Hammer and Ina Bell Hammer who are Natalie's great-great-grandparents.

Joseph Richard Hammer and Ina Bell Wilson grew up in Utah, but spent most of their married life in Idaho. They were hard workers, and had 13 children who all lived past childhood, which is amazing. When they were older, they moved back to the Ogden area, and eventually to Pleasant View, where they lived until they passed away. It is said that Joseph had a hearty laugh that everyone loved. Natalie told Dax that he has that same laugh! 

The Maycocks love this tradition and they are so kind to come and support Natalie. There were 38 people who gathered and talked about these wonderful ancestors. It was a lot of fun to see all of the family. Natalie loves that everyone stands around and shares stories about the Maycock history. It makes putting it together all worthwhile. 
Everyone gathered together to learn about our ancestors. 
We love preparing a little presentation for this event!
Our kids have learned so much about their past. 
I love this family of mine!
The great Maycock family!
The oldest and the youngest cousin.
Katelynn LOVES Mark!! 

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  1. I have a Hammer in my line! I'll have to pull out my tree and see if we match up!


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